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What people say.

"Hands down Caren Doyle is the best recruiter I’ve ever dealt with. She treats candidates as people and not as inventory. She always gets back to you and gives you real honest feedback that you can use to make yourself more attractive in the market. Her dedication in finding a suitable candidate for your vacancy is also unmatched, but if your requirements are unreasonable she is not afraid to let you know."

Ambit Candidate

"In today's over-saturated, money-making centric business environment, what a gem (a very precious one) it was to be found by Ambit Recruitment. Having dealt with some recruitment companies before in SA as well as abroad, I had no intention of ever going through the over-complicated, sometimes almost inhumane recruitment process ever again. It took something very special to erase those experiences.... Ambit Recruitment did even more than that. Professionalism and passion... simple yet effective methodologies... and perhaps most important of all - being treated like a human being and not as 'an object to make money out of'. Two weeks, a few interviews and two job offers later, Ambit Recruitment managed to find me the perfect job - not only to my skill set but to my personality as well. Ambit Recruitment - the jewel in the crowd!

PJ Smitsdorff
Ambit Candidate

"I would like to thank Ambit Recruitment sincerely for helping me become part of a dynamic company. It was a pleasure dealing with Caren as she made the entire selection and placement process a really enjoyable experience. I was impressed with the level of professionalism portrayed and the amount of useful information provided to me. I believe that with Ambit Recruitment professionals will get placed quickly within a company that provides a compelling career path."

S Subotic
Ambit Candidate

"Congratulations on your nominations. I am not surprised though, I haven't met you but the service to date is fast and intimate."

D. Matamela
Ambit Candidate

"Ambit Recruitment... Your professional choice in selecting a new career. I just want to thank Ambit Recruitment for their professionalism in helping me to find my perfect job opportunity! Thanks a mil!"

A. Esterhuizen
Ambit Candidate

"Thank you once more for meeting with me; as previously expressed, I am really impressed with your great service offered. Great people skills I must say."

J Kabeya
Ambit Candidate

"I have been very impressed by the service offered by Ambit Recruitment. Upon receiving my CV, you have taken the time to speak to me, confirm who I am and that my qualifications and skills are valid. This has enabled you to identify my career objectives and place me in my ideal role. Thanks again to everyone at Ambit!"

J Bezuidenhout
Ambit Candidate

"Ambit is able to offer great options to an employer across the salary and skill band during this very tough time to find quality recruits in South Africa's IT. They provides a great service, and is always more than willing to discuss the needs of the company as a business and as an employer of technical staff. They takes the needs of both the employers and the potential employee very seriously during the recruitment phase, deftly walking the line and delivering an excellent brokerage of needs from all sides."

A le Grange
Ambit Candidate

"We have always found Caren and Ambit to be extremely professional in all our dealings with them. A number of really good people have been employed through Ambit, all of whom are now key members of our team. Honesty and Integrity have always been at the forefront of all of our dealings with Ambit, and we recommend them unreservedly."

Alan Williams
CEO ProSolutions, Johannesburg

"The Design Company has had an association with Ambit Recruitment for a number of years and has found the service offered and the calibre of candidates submitted to have been of an exceptionally high and professional standard. We have recruited design personnel for all levels of our business through Ambit and have been pleased with the selection criteria and processing that the candidates are vetted through, prior to being presented to our company. The company has recently successfully employed a Managing Director recruited from London by Ambit Recruitment. The Design Company is proud of its association with Ambit Recruitment."

Derek Patrick
CEO The Design Company, Cape Town

"I have to say that I am not a fan of recruitment agencies. They make me feel like our company is one in a large number of other businesses and they don't really care about finding the right person, just a person. We met with Ambit Recruitment last year and for the first time in a long time it felt like a return to good old fashioned business principles: Getting to know the company and really finding out what their need was. Not just a telephone call and a couple of emails, but face to face meetings with real people. We've been sent only great candidates from Ambit, some who have now become members of staff. Their professionalism and honesty is something that will ensure a good long term relationship and I would recommend them to anyone looking to hire within the IT sector."

Mike Perk
Managing Director, World Wide Creative, Cape Town

"I worked with Caren when I decided to start looking for a new company. She was a very big help and only sent me on interviews with the types of companies that suited my requirements. We still keep in contact and I'm sure when I do decide to make a shift in companies again, I'll contact her first. She is really professional and cares about what she does as well as the people that she assists in their careers. I'm sure that anyone that comes into contact with Caren will walk away from the experience feeling satisfied in the knowledge that his requirements will be met. Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, High Integrity"

J van Staden
Ambit Candidate