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Your CV - Wake up! You're competing against the world!

Caren Doyle Recruitment

As someone who's been in the recruitment industry for more years than some of my candidates have been alive, it always amazes me how little time is spent on CV prep. Some of them literally look as though they've been cobbled together with spit. This is a reflection of your career for goodness sake, a window into your working soul, the very thing that will either get your an interview or not - and you take so little care over it?

For those who still think it's cool to cut and paste their job specification into their CV - really? You're going to make me read that? You think so little of my intelligence that you think I'm impressed by that? Have some pride! Take time to build your CV properly. Start with your current job first please. Write an intro - tell the reader about you. Who are you, what do you want to do with your career, what are your outstanding qualities?

And sales people; why is it you still have to be told to add achievements to your CV? Come on! You are the ROI of a company. It's ok to brag on your CV. It's probably the only place you're going to be able to brag without being called a full-of-yourself-so-and-so.


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