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Why 'who do you have on your books?' is so 90's.

Caren Doyle Recruitment

I always smile when a client phones me and asks 'I'm looking for an X Developer or and X person - who do you have on your books?

I remember those days in the 90's of standing next to a filing cabinet and going through file after file of candidate CV's looking for just the right skill and attributes. It was bloody hard work and probably the cause of me wanting to run a mile when I see a lot of paper now. :) With our recruitment systems and databases today its of course much easier to find the right skills in a blink, but jobs are not always just about hard skills as we know.

Most recruitment companies have a database onto which they pull your CV. Your CV is then formatted and sent to the relevant client. Time is of the essence in this industry and so to assist your consultant in doing the most professional job for you is important. So help them to get your CV out to their clients with as minimal fuss as possible.

Every job specification we receive is treated as a new spec. Every company has a unique culture. Skills can be learnt - culture fit generally cannot. You either fit in or you don't. So the time we take to find the best candidates for our clients is not just spent hunting the right skills, although in our skills scarce country that is always a challenge, but to find that person who's going to fit into your culture - who's going to have the same vision, the same character, the same sense of humour, the same drive, whatever it is that makes your company unique - that takes time. We don't just type in a few skills and then send a bunch of CV's to our clients. Well.... some recruitment companies still do, which always astounds me.

We don't always get it right - sometimes candidates interview with us and they seem to tick all the boxes. They interview with our client and they completely blow the interview because they think they need to be someone else or get the interview jitters. But that's how we learn right? Try, fail, learn, try again until we're successful.

So know that when you ask us to find you the right person for your team, that we work extremely hard to tick all the boxes that matter to you.


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